The WHO Bit of Influencer Marketing…

A lady standing by a window in a dress and braids.
Tolulope Folaranmi || Founder, Plumdale Co.

The WHO bit of Influencer #Marketing and how to choose the right Influencer:

🌟 Audience Assessment — Assess the audience. Does the proposed Influencer speak to the demographic being targeted?

🌟 Content Alignment Assessment — Look for a natural alignment. Does the proposed Influencer’s content align with what your brand is looking for?

🌟 Conversion Rate Assessment — Look at your potential Influencer’s conversion metrics. Have past conversion metrics shown that the Influencer has converted leads to sales for similar brands?

🌟 Risk Assessment — Carry out a comprehensive #Risk Assessment. Has the Influencer been involved in any past controversies, criticisms or any rulings relating to lack of disclosures?

With these few points of mine, I hope they help you make the right Influencer choice for your brand!

Have a productive week ahead.



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